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The Personal Growth & Wellbeing Programme

The resource

Our Personal Growth and Wellbeing resource is the basis of the Programme, and is a set of units that students work through in class.

You will need one resource per learner (available as a set of eight workbooks or as an online eight-unit course).

What is the PGW Programme?

Our Personal Growth and Wellbeing (PGW) Programme is designed for secondary school students across the UK, and supports the delivery of BTEC Level 1 and 2 qualifications in Personal Growth and Wellbeing. The PGW Programme is made up of two elements: the resource and the qualification.








It’s easy to come on board – give us a ring or fill in our contact form so that we can get in touch with you. We’ll explain how everything works and answer all your questions.

The qualification

To achieve the BTEC Level 1 or 2 qualification in Personal Growth and Wellbeing, students must be registered with us.


This allows us to manage verification, accreditation, Internal Quality Assurance and certification responsibilities.

The units


Book 1

Fitter, Healthier, Happier

Physical Health & Wellbeing

Physical health, nutrition, body shaming and body positivity, the importance of sleep, alcohol, drugs and dealing with medical emergencies.


Book 2

I've Got A Feeling

Emotional Wellbeing

Mental health, wellbeing, and the impact of social media (including discussions around photo editing and apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok).


Book 3

Skills For Social Success

Social Health & Wellbeing

Peer pressure, bullying, online relationships, protected characteristics, discrimination and hate crime (including discussions around gender, sexuality, age, race and ethnicity).


Book 4

Let's Talk About...

Sexual Health & Wellbeing

Sexual health, consent, exploitation, victim blaming, contraception, STIs, pregnancy, LGBT+ issues and violence against women (including an in-depth look into the Sarah Everard case and the 2021 Ofsted review of sexual harassment in schools).


Book 5

This Is Me!

Personal Identity

How our personal identity is shaped and influenced, what makes us unique, how to increase self-esteem, attitudes, beliefs, values and learning how to empathise with others.


Book 6

Our World, Our Future

Environmental Awareness

Climate change, biodiversity, pollution, carbon footprints, environmental organisations and campaigns, recycling and going plastic free.


Book 7

Making Money Work for Me!

Financial Awareness

Financial education, saving money, paying bills, managing a budget, reading payslips, understanding deductions and the dangers of gambling.


Book 8

Future Roles and Setting Goals

Personal Progress

Progression plans, careers, short and long-term goals, SWOT analysis, job applications, CVs, personal statements and interviews.

Using the resource

The PGW resource is mapped against both the English and Welsh curricula. In England, the resource covers the entire PSHE and RSE specifications. In Wales, the resource meets all strands of the new Health and Wellbeing AoLE, as well as the PSE and RSE specifications.

The PGW Programme is flexible and can be delivered through allocated PS(H)E time, core subjects (including Maths, Science, and PE), or even as a standalone option choice. The resource is available in two different formats: either as a physical set of workbooks or as an online course.

The resource can be adapted for all learners, and learning outcomes can be evidenced in alternative formats. It is perfect for all students aged 11-16, no matter their background, circumstances or type of educational provision.

Qualification sizes

The Personal Growth and Wellbeing qualification can be delivered at different levels and sizes. Centres can choose which size and level of qualification they would like to deliver depending on the amount of time they have to complete the qualification and the ability of their learners. 


For more information on qualification sizes and GCSE equivalencies, please see our leaflets at the
bottom of this page.


Prices may be subject to VAT and postage costs.



Cost per learner:

Workbooks (set of 8):                   £25.95

e-Sweet log in:                                   £17.95

Workbooks + e-Sweet log in:   £33.95


Workbooks will be subject to postage costs which are calculated at checkout.

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Sweet offers a fully managed service, which includes all:

  • Administration

  • Registration

  • Verification

  • Accreditation and certification responsibilities

  • Internal Quality Assurance meetings

  • Ongoing online, email, and telephone support

  • Two centre visits

Extended Certificate:                         £99.00

Certificate:                                           £78.75

Award:                                                        £49.50

Subsidiary Award:                          £34.25

(plus VAT)



Cost per person:                                 £275

(plus VAT) 


Training is compulsory for new centres to help you understand how to deliver and assess the PGW Programme.

2-3 hour session, delivered over Microsoft Teams.

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How do I get started?

Hover over the steps below to find out more.

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Order a free sample pack and have a chat with one of our team members.

Head to the Sweet Shop to get a sample pack. Once you have your pack, have a look through and see what you think! You can also speak to us so that we can answer any questions you might have about the PGW Programme.


Book a training session with one of our lovely team members.

Training is compulsory for new centres, as we help you to understand the qualification and assessment process in more detail. We’re a flexible bunch, so just send us an email with a few dates that you can do and we will happily fit you in. Training costs £275 and is delivered over Teams. You’ll need to allow for 2-3 hours to complete the training and once finished, you can complete your Partnership Agreement.


Order all of the resources required for your learners.

Just head back to the Sweet Shop and place your order. You’ll need one pack per learner and will need to choose which level and language you’d like to order. If you choose to order physical workbooks, we will pack and deliver these to your centre. If you choose to order e-Sweet log-ins, we will set you up on the digital platform straight away and you can start adding your learners.


Register your learners with us so that they can gain their qualification.

We register your learners with the awarding organisation for you. This is really important, as it allows us to manage the quality process, complete the internal verification process and claim for your learners upon completion. All you need to do is provide some basic information using OneDrive.


Get delivering!

Now you can get started with your learners.

The PGW Programme is super flexible and easy to deliver, so once you have everything ready, you can get going! We’re on hand to help with whatever you need and we’re always happy to chat. So get your learners started, marvel at their fabulous work and enjoy the Sweet journey knowing that we’re always there to support you 😊

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