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Introducing the Sweet characters...

If you’ve been following our page for a while, you will have seen us introducing the new characters who will guide your students through each different book of the Sweet resource.

If you've missed these posts, no worries, here’s a recap!

Sam: Book 1 - Fitter, Healthier, Happier.

This unit focuses on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the positive effects this can have on your students’ wellbeing. In this chapter, Sweet Learners will find out what is meant by the term ‘healthy lifestyle’, the benefits of leading one and the risks of not following one. Learners will also review their own lifestyle and consider how healthy they really are.

Alys: Book 2 - I’ve Got a Feeling.

With its focus on mental health and wellbeing, this unit will help your students to understand the importance of talking about their feelings, expressing their emotions and developing their communication skills when listening to others. Students will learn to identify different approaches to sharing their thoughts and feelings with others, as well as gaining confidence in seeking help from appropriate groups, charities and organisations who can offer support and information about emotional wellbeing.

Finn: Book 3 – Skills for Social Success.

This unit will help your students to explore the benefits of different types of relationships, and the benefits to their own social health and wellbeing. Students will take a look at what makes a successful relationship, and which personal skills help to form and maintain effective relationships. The book will also help learners to understand how friendships and relationships are formed, and help them to identify the personal, social skills and behaviours needed to form a successful relationship. Students will also learn to identify harmful behaviours, and where to turn for help and advice.

Xina: Book 4 – Let’s Talk About…

This chapter will provide learners with the understanding and knowledge to develop and maintain safe and healthy personal intimate relationships with others. It will also help learners to examine the nature of intimate relationships and the importance of personal and social communication skills in developing and maintaining safe relationships. This unit will contain sensitive information, and Sweet learners will be encouraged to respect everyone’s feelings, opinions and beliefs during the course of the workbook and surrounding discussions.

Imran: Book 5 - This is Me!

In this book, Sweet learners will understand the importance of recognising that everyone is different, and accepting that these differences play an important part in our society today. Students will explore what makes them individual, the factors that influence their personal identity, and how they can function well in society. They will review their own personal identity and consider how they can positively contribute to society.

Mo: Book 6 – Our World, Our Future.

'Our World, Our Future' will help Sweet learners to explore and understand some of the issues affecting the environment and why it is so important to do their bit to protect it. They will examine how they can personally contribute to protect the environment, which in turn, supports their personal growth and wellbeing. Activities include group work to create an environmental campaign that raises awareness of important issues affecting the planet, as well as independent research into environmental groups and organisations.

Aisha: Book 7 – Making Money Work for Me!

This workbook will introduce your students to the world of finance and help them understand the different ways in which they can earn money. Sweet learners will explore the meaning of different financial terms in relation to earning money, such as salary, bonus, bursary, grant, pension and benefits. They will also learn to understand the information on payslips, including tax codes, National Insurance, gross pay and net pay.

Salima: Book 8 – Future Roles and Setting Goals.

Salima will help your students to create a progression plan to help build on everything that they have learnt about personal growth and wellbeing. This unit will support students in identifying their abilities, skills, interests and attributes, and in clarifying their ideas about what they might like to do in the future. Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of how they can shape their future by compiling a clear plan of what they would like to do and highlighting the necessary steps they will need to follow to achieve this.

Here at Sweet, we are focused on supporting learners to build happier, more successful lives. So when we started creating the new PGW BTEC resource, we knew we wanted it to be special. We wanted to build on the amazing parts of the previous PSD programme, but our aim was to make it even bigger, better and more exciting!

With this in mind, we came up with the idea of each book having a unique character, which would become a familiar face to guide the students through the qualification.

Many, many meetings were held in Sweet HQ, where we discussed the characters, their names and what they might look like. The overwhelming message that came out of those meetings was that we wanted Sweet learners to see themselves in these characters.

We wanted our characters to be inclusive of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, races, religions and genders. This is why we have a HUGE range of different characters for your students to engage with.

Now that you’ve been introduced to all the characters, we can’t wait for you to meet them properly. You can find them on our books when you buy the Sweet resources.

The PGW books are available to pre-order now! Just visit to get your copies.

If you’d rather chat to us, pop an email to or give us a ring on 07874 869690.

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