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Sweet celebrates RSE Day 2021

Today (24th June 2021) is RSE Day! To celebrate, we’ve uploaded a brand-new FREE worksheet, available for you to download and print for your RSE discussions. This is in fact, a world exclusive, sneak peak straight from the new Sweet PGW resource!

RSE Day is an annual event that occurs on the last Thursday of June and encourages parents, teachers, carers and educators to talk openly about relationships and sex education with their children. It is about celebrating the role that everyone has in Relationships and Sex Education, including schools, families and communities - and it encourages children to talk about these positive topics openly.

The theme for RSE Day 2021 is 'Faces' and aims to get the whole school community involved. It also allows the opportunity for people to share successes and good practice via social media.

In our brand-new Personal Growth and Wellbeing BTEC qualification (now available to pre-order #justsaying) we have dedicated an entire workbook to Sexual Health and Wellbeing. This workbook aligns perfectly with the RSE curriculum and can be used in schools, colleges, Pupil Referral Units and many other settings across England and Wales.

The Sweet PGW resource will help your students to understand what an intimate relationship is and the appropriate way to behave when in one, to protect their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. Learners will also look at communication skills and how these help to develop positive intimate relationships, as well as the potential risks of intimate relationships. This comprehensive unit will also take look at sex, consent, gender identity, Pride, LGBTQIA+ and what each of the letters stand for.

The book is appropriately named ‘Let’s Talk About…’, and the ‘face’ of the book is Xina, who will guide you and your learners through the different chapters. The Level 1 workbook provides learners with the understanding and knowledge to develop and maintain safe and healthy personal intimate relationships with others. The Level 2 workbook helps learners to examine the nature of intimate relationships and the importance of personal and social communication skills in developing and maintaining safe relationships.

As expected, this unit will contain sensitive information, and Sweet learners will be encouraged to respect everyone’s feelings, opinions and beliefs, even if they differ from their own, during the course of the workbook and surrounding discussions.

‘Let’s Talk About’…’ is just one of our amazing eight workbooks that you receive as part of the Sweet resource. There are also books on planning for the future, physical health and understanding money. In addition to the amazing workbooks, teachers will be provided with all the supporting resources needed to discuss these topics with your students. This includes starters and plenaries, engaging PowerPoints and detailed lesson plans. If a physical workbook isn’t for you, why not take a look at our e-Sweet platform instead! – A fully digital version of the books that you and your learners can access in a more flexible way.

To find out more about the Sweet PGW resource and to pre-order, visit:

To find out more about RSE Day, visit:

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