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Craving something sweet? Make the most of our end of year discount.

For the next two weeks only, we are offering 10% discount on our e-Sweet packages. That’s 10% off e-Sweet only, or e-Sweet plus workbooks. This means your learners can complete the Sweet programme online for just £16.15 per learner, or in class, and online at a cost of just £22.45 per learner. You can find out more about our brand-new e-Sweet platform here.

As the current PSD qualification is coming to an end (read more about that here) we have a limited number of workbooks available, so make the most of this end of year stock clearance.

Of course, the Sweet resource will continue to be available on our digital platform for your current Year 9 learners, until the new Personal Growth and Wellbeing (PGW) qualification is available later this year.

Still not sure? Sign-up now and pay nothing until April! This offer will expire on 26th March, 2020.

Contact to purchase your Sweet resource or for more information.

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